Uriflex Compressors is continuously striving to be the contractor with the best quality work.
We have an absolute commitment to Sustainable Development.
We do what we say, prove it and improve it.
We behave with honesty and integrity to our people and clients.
We are commercially astute in our line of Business.
We take personal responsibility and accountability for our actions.
We aspire to be the best in our field.
We treat our people fairly and with recognition.


While believing in high-tech services delivery, we will gain recognition throughout:
Coal achievement strategy.
Respect and honour our clients needs and demands.
Ensuring quality services and compliance.
Respect and practice good governance.
Work and practise in a safe working environment.
Continuous Assessment of quality work done and ensuring sound client relation


Uriflex Compressors strives to achieve the following goals through its commitment and dedication:
Best quality standard of work.
Ensuring that our company abide and work according to internal rules and regulation of the mines, while ensuring that the standard is acceptable to the laws of the country.
time management is maintained by our team on site through our monitoring system.
Ensure that hazard identification, risk assessments and controls are done.
Development of client bases.
Development of visibility and competitive knowledge.
Having the right equipment at the clients required time.
Comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety Legislation requirements.
Comply with all the applicable Environmental Legislative requirements.

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